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Exceptional Leadership

As our client feedback will attest to, there is no better team of leaders than those at Tasmanian Expeditions. Their expertise & knowledge is matched only by their friendly nature and their desire to impart everything they know about Tasmania to you, including their appetites and the culinary skills that go hand in hand!

Reliable Equipment

Over the past 3 decades Tasmanian Expeditions has learned what outdoor gadgets and gear work in wild places, and what does not. Tasmanian Expeditions only provide quality, lightweight, well maintained equipment, whether it’s included in the trip cost or available for hire.

Responsible Travel

The entire staff of Tasmanian Expeditions share a deep commitment to maintaining the integrity of the Tasmanian wilderness. Environmental values filter through every aspect of the company, from the minimal impact camping procedures through to the interpretation of environment.


Local Tasmanian Knowledge

Tasmanian Expeditions regularly exceeds the expectations of our clients thanks to the passion and knowledge all our local leaders possess. Our guides share the very soul of Tasmania with our travellers. Figuratively speaking, we leave no rock unturned.

First Ever Commercial Tasmanian Traverse

This traverse provide our travellers with a comprehensive experience through Tasmania’s diverse wilderness, combined with the safety, local knowledge and flexibility necessary to operate quality adventure holidays in Tasmania’s rapidly changing environment. 

A true wilderness challenge

Trekkers will encounter a myriad of passes ranging from moderate to challenging, and journey through landscapes that have remained untouched for centuries. This is the ultimate Tasmanian adventure for the experienced trekker looking for their next challenge in one of the last great wilderness areas left on the planet.

All inclusive

At $13,590, the Great Tasmanian Traverse includes all accommodation (including pre and post trip hotels), camping and rafting gear, transfers, meals, food drops and guides.

Tasmanian Expeditions are trusted in wild places

- and that’s exactly where we go.

Tasmania boasts a huge diversity of wilderness adventure experiences. After one visit you will soon see why Tasmania is widely considered as a world class outdoor destination. A Tasmanian Expeditions holiday offers active travellers a rare insights into these wild pockets of Australia’s ‘Apple Isle’.

Tasmanian Expeditions has evolved from its grass roots heritage to offer a wide range of exclusive adventure holiday experiences as diverse as Tasmania herself. Since 1982, Tasmanian Expeditions has used its understanding of the various pristine Tasmanian areas to carefully craft sustainable trekking, and rafting adventures around these unique landscapes.

If you want to experience the real Tasmanian wilderness we invite you to travel with Tasmanian Expeditions.

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