Meals on the trip

Tasmanian Expeditions aims to provide quality wilderness meals to meet the satisfaction of all our guests. Our guides have remarkable wilderness culinary skills and pride themselves on the variety, quality, nutritional levels and presentation of their meals and their ability to cater to a wide range of dietary requirements. Each guide is able to select their own menu for the destination. Depending on the length of the expedition, some meals will use dehydrated product to lighten loads carried by the group. You will be given your own personal bag of snacks to consume at your leisure throughout the trip so you always have a source of energy ready at hand. Please feel free to bring along your own favourite snack to complement the ample food provided.

  • Breakfasts ‑ ranges from cereals to delicious porridge accompanied by a steaming hot pot of ‘bush’ coffee.
  • Lunches ‑ variation each day, wraps, rice cakes or fresh salad rolls with an assortment of cold meats
  • Dinners‑ varies from trip to trip, 2‑3 courses, fresh Tasmanian foods where possible


Apart from tea and coffee at meal times beverages are not included as part of your trip price. Your guide will advise you on the best opportunities for you to purchase soft drinks or alcoholic beverages during the tour.

Dietary Requirements

Provided we are advised in advance of your departure we are able to cater for vegetarian diets and can assist with medically recommended diets (allergies and intolerances). Please ensure you discuss your requirements with us well in advance (at least 1 month prior to your trip) to determine whether we can cater to such dietary requirements on your chosen adventure.

Please note that options are likely to be limited in very remote locations or alternatives may be more expensive or unavailable. There may be times when those with special requirements may need to provide their own food. We are unable to guarantee a peanut‑free or allergen‑free trip, and therefore, we strongly encourage that travellers with life‑threatening or severe allergies take all necessary medical precautions to prepare for the possibility of exposure. Passengers must travel with all necessary medications for food allergies and be capable of self‑administering these medications.

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